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Blossom Healing

Angana Bhattacharya is the founder of “Blossom Healing.”
She wishes to inspire and empower people from various walks of life to find their connection with their true inner selves and create miracles.
Her healings are based on using Sanskrit Mantras, Switch Words, Angel Numbers, the Law of Attraction, Aura Cleansing Meditation, Chord Cutting Meditations, Ho’oponopono and Spirituality.

The Healing

She loves to help people by healing them mentally and physically. With an incredible sense of self-belief and passion, she follows her heart in all areas of her life.
Her transformational journey inspired her to help people through her magical healing capabilities. It has brought more flow to her life and multiplied her joyful experiences.

Personal Consultation

Before we can offer healing, we need certain details about you and your health issues. Please fill out the form by clicking or tapping the button below. After we confirm that we can heal your issues, we will let you know so you can book an appointment with us.

1-to-1 Healing Sessions

Depending on the kind of health issues you have, we will share the energy exchange for the session(s).

Group Healing Sessions


Benefits: Negative people disappear from your life, and you will become more positive.
Duration: 30 min Daily
Time: 6:30 PM (India Time)

After you register, check your email and add the event to your calendar to get daily reminders at 6:30 PM.

Requirements: Zoom App on Mobile with earphones. No driving or working on heavy machinery, or walking during this session. You have to be sitting or lying down when attending the healing session.

DEEP REST with Gratitude

Benefits: You will get a deep and restful sleep.

Duration: 30 min Daily
Time: 10:00 PM (India Time)

After you register, check your email and add the event to your calendar to get daily reminders at 6:30 PM.

Requirements: Zoom App on Mobile with earphones. No driving or working on heavy machinery, or walking during this session. You have to be sitting or lying down when attending the healing session.


The prices below include the cost of shipping to any address in India. For outside India the rates will be extra on actuals


Frequently Asked Questions
Please go through these before asking us questions.

Can any health-related problem be fixed?

It depends on the stage of the problem. Angana may recommend you visit a medical doctor for treatment if the condition is critical.

What is Energy Exchange? Is it required?

There are various reasons why offering an energy exchange for healing is good. 

  1. It ensures the healer is not taken advantage of by continually offering healing for free.
  2. The receiver of the healing does not feel guilty or indebted to the healer for receiving something for nothing.
  3. It allows the receiver of the healing to take a more active role in their recovery.
  4.  No energetic imbalance is created in the healer or the receiver.
Can you share the list of Mantras played during the Healing Sessions?

The Mantras are not shared because they cannot be used as music to listen to as and when one wants to. They are for healing; only listen to them when a healer like Angana recommends them.

Also, many Mantras are available on YouTube, but all are not spoken (sung) correctly with the correct pronunciation. Thus it is not recommended to search and play Mantras based on the name of the mantra.

The Mantras played during Sadhana are provided based on the messages Angana receives from the Angels that speak to her.

Energy Exchange using UPI

Use the Scan Code or UPI ID: bhattacharyaangana-1@okhdfcbank for Energy Exchange via any UPI App.

If you want to use NEFT Bank Transfer for Energy Exchange, use the details below

A/C No.: 4413110010055655
IFSC Code: UJVN0004413

For Online Payments, you can use the RazorPay button

For International Payments, you can use the PayPal button


The moon meditation was a wonderful experience. The moon charged water does seem to be quite miraculous and has been helping me heal my health issues. It is sad we don’t already know about these free and easy ways of recharging ourselves! I feel more energised and sorted in my head. I am sleeping better and in a much better mood all day! I got so much done in the last few days!


PhD Student, Bangalore

Thanks to your Gratitude sessions, I fall into Deep Sleep.

Deepa Jeyakumar


I had citrine crystal. I have been wearing that bracelet for the past two months.
Yesterday after charging, I wore it today, but I can sense a different feeling, which I didn’t from day one. Thank you so much, Angana Mam and all the members who joined yesterday.

Chethana J

Teacher in Mathematics, Bangalore, Karnataka

Yes, I have! I have attended most of the sessions.Each session is exhilarating. I sleep more peacefully and always look forward to attend Angana s sessions.Thank you universe for connecting me to Blossom healing.

Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.
Annu Gupta

Home Maker

Hi Angana…I just wanted to tell you that before my right foot was feeling numb….now I am getting the feeling and it is much less…thank you..!!

Doing the Fight Diabetes sessions has helped me tremendously in bringing down my sugar level and keeping it low at a consistent basis. I used to be between 15 and 19 consistently and now it has dropped towards 7 and 12 . I am now focused to work on lowering this even more..

Angana’s sessions have increased my alertness level exponentially of what I eat, to maintain the sugar level. As a result, I have also lost eleven pounds of weight and now my Body Mass Index is perfect.

I would recommended anyone who’s concerned about their inconsistent diabetes / sugar level controls to try out the sessions..

Thanks Angana..!!

Sanjay Kini

Business Owner, Travel Company in Barbedos


I am following all the things you told me to do Completely

It has helped me gain Focus on my core work (from which I was getting distracted regularly)

It has helped open new and old doors for the growth of my business

People who owe me money are responding positively (1 of them has paid today)

Overall I can feel that a force has developed within me which is giving me the energy & direction I needed to move ahead

From all this I got 1 thing very clearly, that when you are putting your energy Selflessly, for my growth n prosperity, All I need to do is Follow the Solutions you have created for me fully.

Words can’t express how grateful I feel for your efforts, But all I can say is
Thank you soooooooooooooooo much🙏

Suresh Notani

CEO, Water Wise

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I attended the Ho’oponopono session on Health and Money and it worked very well for me. I got a positive results in my Job and given me more clarity for the positive thoughts.
Looking forward to attend more sessions in the future.
Manish Lulla

Human Resources, Mumbai

The Gratitude sessions are fantastic. I am blessed. I sleep well, and all are going well. Thank you. I follow daily.

Ravichand K.R.D.


I feel so good after my seven days session. Earlier I felt exhausted within one hour of waking up, and I used to feel irritated and upset. I would somehow manage to finish my office work and could hardly do 2000 steps in a day. Now I can do 13000 steps and still feel energetic till I go to bed.
Earlier, if my cousin would comment on my weight, I used to feel horrible for months. Now even if he says any shit about my looks, it doesn’t touch me. So I feel much more confident and happier in my body.

Thank you, Angana

Angana Kamath

Business Analyst, Bengaluru, Karnataka

I received extraordinary healing from Angana Bhattacharya. In June of 2021, I began to get an allergic reaction and tried many things to get rid of the problem, but I could not figure out the cause. I have been consuming an Allegra 120 tablet daily since then, and my doctor warned me that I could not keep consuming this tablet for life, so in Jan of 2022, with the help of hypnosis, a doctor helped me with some release work and the dosage was reduced. Then Angana started working on my healing in June 2022, and the need for the medicine finally disappeared. As of the 3rd of Aug 2022, I have not had to consume a tablet since then.

Rishi Gangoly

Digital Marketing Consultant, Mumbai

Thanks. I feel too good. Now the quality of sleep has improved a lot thanks a million. There are may things we do a bit unconsciously. How the 7 sessions changed my approach, We were told to do pedicure and manicure. I, as usual, joked on it. But next day I did pedicure and manicure myself. I was so excited to notice that how wonderful our nails are and how casual I was about it, so I became fully conscious about myself . That was the first step to self love. It changed my perception


Many more things to share later.

Kamlesh Dave

CA, Mumbai

I woke up for the Sadhana session this morning at 5.30 am before my alarm went off, only to realize it had concluded yesterday!! It was a lovely experience. Although the first few days were a little tricky getting up n ready on time in the morning (US time zone), the moment the music started, it created a very positive feeling, and I can say my days were more relaxed n stress-free!! I can’t wait for the next batch to start!! Thank you again, Angana, for creating this positive group, n Rishi for enabling n sharing your experience for others to benefit as well

Anita IsRani

Business Manager, Los Angeles

My friend got Covid in 2021 and the medicine to save him was not available. Also, the Oxygen level was showing 40 which was way below normal 85-95.

Angana gave me some chanting which cleared all the obstructions and got the medicines as well as the Oxygen levels increased and his life was saved.

I am forever grateful to Angana for helping me in a trying time of my life.

Sathi Banerjee

Teacher, Ranchi

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